The Humble Servants


One day, a small child approaches each character.

The child is holding a small scroll in its hand. The parchment is fresh and bears a wax seal with an odd symbol, appearing as a six-petaled flower inside of a six-sided star embedded into it. You open the scroll and read:

“You are most displeased with the current events going on in Haven. For this reason, you are invited to be in the audience of the Great Archmage, Don Giacamo Aldieri of Genicia. Transportation will be provided.

“Sincerely Yours, Lady Collette. Headmistress of The Don Giacamo College of Arcane Arts”

With that, the parchment dissolves into bright blue dust. The child says, “Follow me, please,” as he turns and begins to walk. After some time, you arrive in a tavern. The characters take their drink of choice in their respective taverns and after a few mouthfuls, they feel strangely sleepy. The fight the sleepiness. Something about it is not quite right. Was there something in the drink? A drug? A poison? Try as they might to fight it, the sleep seems unavoidable. The thought runs though their heads as they each wonder if they’re going to die. And then… pitch black.

A blue, glimmering, disembodied hand appears in the darkness of this catatonic sleep. It motions to the characters, as if to welcome them to follow along to some unseen destination. A warm feeling ensues, as if something is wrapping itself around the heroes. It is another blue, translucent hand. Then again… pitch black…



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