The Humble Servants

Session 2:

A Miner Issue

MONTESQUIEU’S TOWER: After the battle, the party went up to explore the rest of the tower. They explored all the floors, finding the ruin fey’s treasure there. Melina, the beguiler, and Travisk, the communist warlock discovered that the wands they found are cursed. The fourth floor of the tower, presumably an alchemy lab, was discovered to have no air. Suffocating and failing to find an air sourse, the warlock transported them all out by teleporting them through the door into the next room (but not before the Melina fell unconscious). The rest of the tower remains unexplored.

MONTE GRIS The party made their way to Monte Gris and arrived at night. They knocked on doors and found a family of orcs living in town. The first person to answer her door is Francesca, who is annoyed that the knock at her door has made her cake fall. Ecvaladra offers to make her a new cake. After some latenight dinner and cake, Francesca and her husband let the party stay at their house that night, especially since the party is there to work on the problems at the mine, which the orcs explain has resulted in bored miners who cause nothing but trouble in their quiet town. Francesca tells the party that there was an earthquake at the same time of the collapse. She is sure that Malocchio must be behind this, even though she has no idea who or what Malocchio is. As it turns out, no one knows who or what Malocchio is, even the elves who used to live in that mountain’s caverns.

The next day, the heroes went into the heart of the town, discovering that it was Market Day, the day when people from the mountains and people from the valley meat halfway in Monte Gris to buy and sell their meats, vegetables, fruits, and other goods. By talking to the people there, they found out where the mines were.

GRIS MINES The party went to the mines, only to discover the huge front doors to be locked. The mechanical escorts suggest trying to find the mining colony know as Minetown, which the warlock easily finds by flying up to the sky.

MINETOWN The miners are happy to see the party. They meet a miner who tells them that there was an explosion from incorrectly administered draconium bombs and that there was an earthquake and, very likely, a cavern collapse. He gives them some talismans for once they enter the mine. The talismans let the stone golems inside know that you are not an intruder, hence they leave you alone unless provoked. However, the miners cannot help the party get into the mines. The doors have been locked since the sole survivor came out. Only the foreman (and Giacomo) knows how to open the mines, but he was inside the mines and has not come out. It is perceived he is dead. He keeps a scroll that presumably opens the mines at his house, but the place is warded against intruders and from sight. The foreman had an elven lover in town, though, and she would probably know how to get there and get past the wards. The foreman also warns the party about Malocchio, a creature or witch whom, the drow elves say, can kill you with its looks. The elves had managed to seal off the area that Malocchio was coming from, but the earthquake or mine collapse may have set him free.

FOREMAN’S HOUSE The foreman’s house is uneventful. Since the lover opened up the house, they bypassed all traps, including a fire elemental and a wine elemental. The only occurrence here is that the parchment comes out of a locked cabinet. The PCs have to disable a trap, open the combination lock (like a locker lock), and then solve a puzzle that is an elaborate combination lock where drawers have to be opened in a certain order in order to reveal the scroll.

GRIS MINES: PART 2 With the scroll in hand, the doors open and they enter. What they find inside is the old drow city. It is deserted, as they moved to the mountains next door when Malocchio became a nuisance, despite the fact that they sealed it away. They follow Grand Avenue, the main street that is used to go through the mines by railcar. On the way to the source of the trouble, they stop at the Drow Temple of Arachne for the priestess to pray at. inside, they find the foreman. An enclave of miners has taken up residence here as the temple protects them from Malocchio. Also, their pendants have all been broken, so if they leave this sanctuary, the golems will attack them. The party gives him the spare charm and he is now able to leave the mines to get backup.

They eventually get to the point where they think Malocchio came from. Instead, they find a huge creature that is digging and chewing through the stone. Rather than attcking it, the party talks to it. It is a delver and has been displaced by the chaos in the mines. It misses the drow who used to live here and loves the taste of draconium.The drow priestess promises to bring the elves back and to negotiate his digging services with the miners in exchange for a portion of tasty draconium.

They return to check another series of caverns, when they are met up by a drow scout named Kendr. Kendr is some of the backup reinforcements sent by the foreman. Kendr goes off scouting ahead. Meanwhile the PCs find what appear to be miner ghosts. Some of them have their throats, chests, and mouths scraped off and are unable to speak, while the others hide their faces in sorrow. The PCs try to talk to them but they can’t.

Kendr returns with a screaming undead creature flying after him. After a long battle, the creature, a soulshrieker is destroyed. With its death, the voiceless ghosts are able to speak. The other ones still cry. However the party is able to gather that another creature is the cause for the crying. The party goes ahead and destroys another undead creature, a cloud of writhing screaming faces. All the ghosts can now speak, but say that neither of those creatures is Malocchio.



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