The Humble Servants

Session 4: Duplicitous Liaisons

INTRO -The party has just found out about a few student murders. As the only faction of Giacomo’s forces that are in town, they must find out who the murderer is in order to stop future murders. The students are all Glennish elves who are vocal against Glenn. It is also revealed that all Glennish elf students are to report to Giacomo’s well-protected residence for protection.

-Hanz, Marco, and Luca are reintroduced. They are investigators for the crimes. With them, they bring a small lizard-like person. The lizardman introduces himself as Raksah.

-Ecvaladra and Hanz mingle, as usual for the two lovers. She asks him what he thinks of the crimes and he tells her not to trust the other two students. He pulls out an emblem that identifies as a Drow government official, which implies he is a government agent.

-Meanwhile, Marco and Luca have a secret meeting of their own, where they reveal to their trusted cousin that they are Vitalian government agents who are investigating the crime and that they suspect Hanz as the culprit, exacting vengeance for the loss of his family on any Glennish elf he can find.

-Outside the meeting room, an argument begins. Prince Leopold (the exiled crown prince of Glenn) barges in, yelling that he refuses to be confined to the school, denied of his comfort and freedom. A headstrong person, he insists that he can take care of himself. It takes a few members of the party to calm him down.

-Eventually, the party breaks up into two groups. Ecvaladra and Raksah decide to investigate the last murder scene and meet up later with Hanz, while Vilya, Melina, Crunk, and Travisk go with the twins to a quiet private room in a tavern.

-Ecvaladra and Raksah go the highrise where the last dead student was found. With his acute senses, Raksah can distinguish four people’s smells on the doorknob and the smell of a magical material component. One of the smells is definitely the girl and her roommate. The other two are male, human and elven. They report this to Hanz, who guesses that the mysterious alchemical smell is that of Chloridium, a magical component for spells that clean objects, smells, etc.

-Meanwhile, Marco and Luca tell the party about Hanz’s past and how he sneaks around at night.




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