Sarranco is the westernmost of the mainland countries. Its inhabitant are mostly human, although there are dwarves in the mountain regions and some elves in the hills. Mostly, though, Sarranco is known as a Mecca of culture and romance. Also, they are known to have a strong sense of religion and are the ones who have discovered how to create Machina (warforged).

In response to the turmoil, Sarranco’s cleric class has created a divine magical barrier around Sarranco such that it is impenetrable. La Cortina Roja, The Red Curtain, prevents anyone from entering or exiting Sarranco. It also prevents seeing into Sarranco, so no one knows what is really happening there.

Sarranco is most like Spain in our world.

STATUS: Uninvolved

Rousse/La Grange Rousse, also known today as La Grange, is a pastoral country. When it was called Rousse, it was ruled by a benevolent monarchy—so benevolent that when the people requested a communist economy, the monarchy stepped aside the next day and assisted the effort to create a self-ruled government with the check and balances to make communism work. That monarchy is now all spread around Haven. The country is actually very quiet.

Rousse culturally most like France.

STATUS: Under Glennish Rule

Vitalia This is one of the most prosperous countries in Glenn (If not the most prosperous). Good weather means burgeoning agriculture. It boasts two of the five biggest cities in Haven, some of the most thriving business on the continent, and quite a few cultural centers, such as Gidali (fashion), Lassica (Arcane Arts), and Maritina (Visual Arts).

Vitalia is a republic and is currently governed by citizen-elected Arcosignoro Luigi Valdini, who oversees Il Congreso (Congress).

STATUS: Fighting Glenn

Eutera This country is a neutral territory. Mostly inhabited by elves, it combines aspects of Vitalia, Rousse and Glenn. More than anything, it is a transitionary space between the three cultures. This whole area consists of seceded parts of each of the three countries, but




South Karesh




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