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Age of Wonder The Age of Wonder was the Golden Age of the massive Panterran continent. The Age was marked by technological and arcane advances. It was the pinnacle of society and is often thought to exceed today’s technologies. The age was brought to an end when the fallen faith in the deities led to a war over supporters and divine ranking. Midland became the battleground and in the resulting war, the world had been broken up badly.

Age of Sorrow After heavy casualties, and near destruction, the world fell into what Panterrans call ‘The Deep Darkness.’ For a long time, the world was covered with a thick cloud that hid the sun from view. The result was a miniature ice age. Many more casualties followed this. Additionally, many deities either disappeared or died in the war. Taking their time to recover away from their few loyal believers, they receded into seclusion. Without deities to worship, religion nearly died.

A few deities returned and restored the world as best they could, which mostly meant removing the Darkness.

Age of Restoration Far from healed, the world is trying to now create something where there once was nothing. Led by their will to survive, citizens of the Panterran League of Nations are revitalizing their cultures on their own continents.


Ecvaladra | Drow | Cleric | Home: Vitalia

Melina | Human | Beguiler | Home: Glenn

Sparnok | Illumian | Fighter | Home: Illum

Travisk | Human | Warlock | Home: Kbnov

Vylia | Elf | Muticlass | Home: Glenn

Kronk | Warforged | Monk | Home: Sarranco

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